A Design Journey…

We took several of our clients on a tour of the Design Mart in Chicago. We had a wonderful adventure.  They had always wanted to live the life of a designer for a day, and that we did!

The shabby chic look, a quilted texture linen with full goose down toss cushions, with accompanying chenille and silk. Just inviting enough to make you never want to leave that great book.  The gals on the tour thought this was the perfect setting to read the trilogy of “Fifty Shades of Grey”. We all had a good chat about the book, that we discussed over our wonderful lunch.

goose down toss cushions

The bed covering was an organic textured raw fabric. Soft to the eye as well as to the touch.

bed covering

This room was all about texture; wooden tables, leather upholstered arms on the chair, a reclining leather chair, velvet three seater. A great space need not be the most glamorous or luxurious, it is how personal and interesting you make it. We all loved the use of the paprika accessories…a change from the orange we have been seeing.


Everyone kept coming back to this setting. The light fixture was an instant eye catcher, its placement over the coffee table was an idea several of the gals hoped to use in their new settings. The detail to the fixture had a graphic motif in a brushed metal. The room gave the feeling of not being “decorated” rather presenting itself as a room that you become attached to.

light fixture

Multiply seating areas lends itself  to a casual conversation area. A comfortable area is created with the use of leather, rich wood, textured upholstery and by layering textiles.



Collections of personal memorable from trips around the globe form a grouping on the faux finished wall. A bench spanning the length of the wall, is used as additional seating when entertaining.


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