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Candelier Art

photo: O’

Candelier Art offers all the benefits of real candles without the safety hazards and potential mess!  A great way to add some holiday atmosphere to your home.  The light sculptures are made from wax and have electric flame technology, allowing you to put these candles on a dimmer!

The artist is Stefan Dag, and his company is based a few miles from Aspen, Colorado.  The waxes may be custom designed, allowing you to match your interior colour scheme perfectly.  They may also be changed to suit your desired holiday celebration.  For product information visit their website >>.


Lightwave Laser • Custom Floor Screens and Panels


Lightwave Laser offers custom floor screens and panels, a very innovative way to transform your space.  All of their products may be customized by submitting your artwork, the possibilities are endless!  Original art by Ron Macken is also available. For more information and to view the Lightwave gallery, visit


Moving Marimekko | Behind the Scenes

This video by Jeremiah Tesolin (music by Neva Tesolin) shows the life and beauty found behind the scenes at Marimekko.  Jeremiah quotes Architect Benjamin Thompson, “Marimekko is the movement of colour in space”.  To read the post by Jeremiah, please click here >>

The Memphis Collection

Love this!  The Memphis Collection is produced on 20-inch nylon squares, allowing the carpet tiles to perform in even the heaviest traffic interior environments. Endless creative options, as you have the ability to repeat a single pattern, or mix and match.  It is made with a minimum of 31% post-consumer recycled content. Available through